Wednesday, June 10, 2009

REVIEW: Invincible #62

The aftermath of the Invincible War has been devastating. Atom Eve is hospitalized, Rexplode is dead, and cities are torn apart. With issue 62 things for Invincible just got worse. With his introduction in issue 61, you can tell that Conquest was going to be a powerful villain for Invincible. This issue you can see just how much of a challenge it will be for him.

Conquest's main reason for fighting is for the love of it. Robert Kirkmen does a great job of letting you see how intense and insane Conquest truly is. This issue is a quick read, but we get some drama that Kirkmen is so good at portraying. This sibling rivalry between Mark Grayson and Oliver are shown when, as usual, Oliver rushes head first into the fight with Conquest only to be dismissed immediately by Mark. Their mother is just as much of a nervous wreck as she normally is and Cecil is on a rampage trying to stop Conquest.

This issue is essentially all about the fate of Invincible and the world as well. The gravity of the situation is seen when you realize that by the end of the issue, it does not seem like Invincible can win the fight. Also, Cecil is back to using questionable resources that can help aid Invincible against Conquest, but have no chance of being completed in a timely fashion. It is hard to see how everyone will survive this one, or if anyone will, all that we know for sure is that Conquest is here, and he is creating all sorts of havoc.

Overall the issue was great, from start to finish it is a great fight between two of the most powerful beings seen in the Invincible universe. The art of Ryan Ottley is spot on as usual. The only thing that does hurt this issue is, it can be a little thin at times. What this means is, while the fights are good, it feels that their could have been a little more story relating conquest to the Invincible war or even more of why he is their outside of just wanting to fight. Regardless, the issue was great and is a great addition in the Aftermath era of the Invincible War. Kirkmen, as always, has done an amazing job at bringing suspense and fun into comic books.

Rating: 3.5/5

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