Sunday, June 14, 2009

Independent Comics and the Strength of the Industry

Independent comics could quite possibly be the most important part of the comic book industry. What these comics bring is more than just entertainment, but a sense of maturity. This maturity broadens the overall scope of the industry as a whole. What most readers realize is the sheer amount of comics out there make the whole culture intriguing, it makes us want to delve further into the world of comics.

What indie comics don't suffer from is censorship. To be mature you do not need to be vulgar and offensive, but some messages suffer from being censored. The level of maturity in these comics makes for an easy introduction for new, older comic book readers. These new comic book readers help strengthen the industry by purchasing more comics. While mainstream comics are great, independent comics serve to get a different demographic than what Marvel and DC strive for.

Independent comics can not only help the industry but also it can help create ideas that are not as predominant as superheroes and post-apocalyptic futures. There are a lot of very creative ideas in the independent culture that don’t get their 30 seconds of fame. If indie comics were to get larger in the overall industry, we could start seeing these original ideas surface. New ideas are always welcomed in the industry and most readers are looking for something new to peak their interest. Creating and surfacing new and inventive ideas will attract new readers of all types.

In short, there are a lot of comics out there, and the industry is strong. But with independent comics we can take it even further and make comics more than they are today.

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