Friday, June 26, 2009

Mark Waid's The Incredibles

If you are into comics then you probably have heard of Mark Waid. He has done many great comics which include is claim to fame Kingdom Come printed under DC Comics. Now in conjunction with Boom! Studios he is writing a 4 issue mini series about Pixar's movie The Incredibles. And to say the least, it's great.

The story takes place after the movie in which you find out that Mr.Incredible is losing his superpowers. Instantly the story becomes a "Why did this happen" story that we have all experienced before, but this one does it very well.

Waid stays very close to the characters personalities. He manages to blend the teams "normal" life with their "super" life extremely well. This was a key point that at first I was afraid he would not achieve but he did it just as well as they did in the Pixar movie originally. The blend of these two lives a crucial to the story and to staying true to each characters personalities. It is almost erie how close Waid go to the characters.

We are now on the 3rd issue of the 4 issue mini series and each issue keeps getting better and better. I would urge anyone who likes the movie or just like fun comics in general to go out and pick up the first 3 issues asap.

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