Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heroes Con '09 - Day 2

It's the second day at the con and it is still pretty good. I would definitely recommend this con to anyone who like comic books and conventions.

Now, I will admit its going to be a short post on day two because while they did have a lot of cool stuff, most of it was the same as yesterday, which isn't bad but you can just read the previous post if you want to know about convience, meeting people, etc.

One thing that I did notice was they do have a good amount of panels, but what made it kind of difficult was, a lot of the panels happened at the same time so one hour will have one or 2 panels going on while another hour has 4 or 5 panels going on. It felt a little unbalanced, but the panel topics were all interesting.

It did seem like today is the day for cosplay. In my previous post I mentioned how there was not a lot of cosplayers, but today there a bit more. It was great to see all of the costumes walking around the con.

Actually overall there were more people today (Saturday). Even with more people the con still felt very personal. This is the best part of the con and trust me there is a lot to like about this con. Meeting the creators was still just as easy, and some of the lesser known, more independent comics are still there to be read.

Again overall the day was pretty good, the con is very enjoyable and can't wait to go again tomorrow!

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