Saturday, June 20, 2009

Heroes Con '09 - Dark Reign

At the Dark Reign panel Marvel spoke about the upcoming events and as usual let the audience ask there questions. Here are the key points.

- Dark reign is having a series of one shots coming out that marvel calls The List. The one shots will be:
* Dark Reign:Wolverine - Written by: Jason Aaron
* Dark Reign:Hulk - Written by: Greg Pak
* Dark Reign:Amazing Spider-man
* Dark Reign:Daredevil - Written by: Andy Diggle
* Dark Reign:Avengers - Written by: Brian Bendis
* Dark Reign:Uncanny X-Men - Written by: by Matt Fraction
* Dark Reign:Secret Warriors - Written by: by Jonathan Hickman
* Dark Reign:Punisher - Written by: Rick Remender

- Also Dark Reign: Ares was also announced as a 3 issue mini series

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