Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Captain America Reborn?

Many of us have seen the cryptic ads in our Marvel comics with a star and a caption reading 'July 2009'. Well Marvel has finally let us know what that means. July 9,2009 Steve Rodgers comes back. Not like Marvel Zombies, but like Steve Rodgers being Captain America. I'm not sure how everyone who is reading comics feels about this or if it was to be expected, but if Steve Rodgers does come back, I feel that his death doesn't mean as much.

Cap's death put a whole lot of things into motion in the Marvel Universe. This Reborn series could be pretty good. Let's face it, Captain America should have died when he was frozen in WWII, so is him coming back really that much of a stretch? I am going to be looking forward to this to see how his return happens and how tactfully they do it. There is one good thing to take away from this, Ed Brubaker is going to be writing this. We can only assume sense he did kill him off in the first place, that he had some knowledge of his return and has a logical (logical in the sense of comic book world logic) explanation for Steve Rodgers return.

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