Thursday, June 11, 2009

Comicbook Movies! THE DEBATE!

I will admit, that I really have zero issue with comics being adapted into movies. No issue what so ever. Now...I know people hate it and to each their own but I think we all approach it for the wrong angle. Instead of hoping to see a carbon copy of a comic, you should expect to see a movie that mildly resembles the comic. For example, V for Vendetta. It was a good movie, but if the book was their source material then they got the wrong book. Some comics just have to much to them to be exactly like the novel, much like the Watchmen. Watchmen is arguably the most well known graphic novels amongst comic book fans. It's huge following put a lot of pressure on the movie to be accurate. Now, the book has so much to it, that if everything in the book was in the movie then, the movie would be 10 hours long. That would suck. For the most part the movie was pretty close to the book. No, it wasn't a giant squid at the end, but to me that would just be weird to see on the big screen anyway. We should give Zack Snider credit for what he did seeing as it wasn't as far of base as the previously mentioned V for Vendetta.

We all know since the original Hulk and Daredevil movies marvel put out, that they have been give a lot of backlash. It was a dark spot in their movie making time. Now comic book fans are all very wary of seeing another Marvel made movie. Then Iron Man came out, and it was awesome to say the least. No, it wasn't verbatim the comic, but it did provide for an entertaining movie. It seemed that this was one of Marvel's best movies they put out. They got it closer to feeling like the universe we all know sense they decided to include, S.H.E.I.L.D and Nick Fury. The Hulk do over, was also a really good movie, and again the feeling of a universe was instilled by having Tony Stark play a role, and they references to the super solider serum that made Steve Rodgers, Captain America. So, is it that these Marvel movies are better because they actually have the feel of a comic book universe? I'd say so. While, the elimination of a universe feel isn't the only thing that made Hulk and Daredevil not so good, I think if they tried to emulate the feel of the universe a little better, then the movie would have been appreciated much more by fans. Yes, the overall story is important, but it would me MORE appreciated NOT perfect (I felt I should clarify).

There are a lot of other comic books that where made into movies that missed the mark, and slapped the title on the theater marquee just to get some viewers but I'm not going into all of that. The point of this post is to express my thoughts on what we should expect in movies vs. what we want, and also what would make them better. Now, I will express an actual opinion I have about comic book characters in movies. While, they aren't going to be exact, they should be close. The characters build the story, changing a character could change the story. For example imagine if lets say...oh...Marvel gave....Deadpool optic blast and had his mouth forcefully shut, so the witty Wade Willison wasn't so witty. That would be crazy right?....Oh wait, It happened. Characters are the back bone of comics, first and for most the main characters AT LEAST should be close to the book. Giving Deadpool opitc blast is like taking away Spider-man's webbing, that just shouldn't happen.

So in short I feel that comic book movies should be taken with a grain of salt. I feel that we shouldn't go in expecting a carbon copy, we should expect some differences. I am DEFINITELY NOT saying we should like every comic book movie that comes out because some are just bad...plain and simple. But either way the debate will continue, companies will put out comic book movies just for the sake of putting out a movie. You may agree with me which is fine, you may disagree which, again, is also fine, but what I think is you all should discuss via comments!

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