Friday, June 19, 2009

Heroes Con - Day 1 Overview

Day one of Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC was one of the best first days at any con I have been to. The Con is large, but doesn't feel crowded. This is one of the most personal cons out there. Meeting Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley, just to name a few, makes the whole experience fantastic. The wide variety of panels that happen at the con allows for attendees to have something to do just about every hour.

The con's dealer room was very good. Exhibitors held great deals, and most of which had very hard to find items. One notable price cut was the DC Direct Watchmen line each were 50 or 60 dollars as opposed to the $100+ most retailers sell them for. With the amount of exhibitors there it is almost impossible to find what you are looking for.

What wasn't seen at this con was cosplay. There was a few cosplayers here and there but over all there wasn't much of any. For some this is mildly disappointing because seeing the costumes are a big part of the con, but when this is the most disappointing part of the con then as a whole it's a great con.

The location of the con is convenient. Parking is everywhere, while it does cost some money, finding $10 all day parking isn't that hard and isn't to high of a price.

Overall, it feels that this con is more than just promising. It is fantastic. All you can do, all the people to meet, and the deals you can get are just great.

Check back tomorrow about day to!

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