Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Reviews!

Batman and Robin Issue #2:
Great read. Morrison really knows how to keep with the character's personalities to form a great story. Issue 2 starts with Batman clearly upset about something, in which he explains the events of the night prior to that point. Batman and Robin were called to the commissioners office and they discuss the villains from the previous issue, the Toad. Batman and Robin go and investigate the police station were some of the Toads henchmen are trying to get him out. Through some turn of events, the Toad dies. In addition we see Robin losing his sense of restraint. This loss of restraint shows Robin's true self, and trust me when I say, it's interesting to see. Batman Confronts Robin about this issue of restraint and Robin becomes furious and runs off. This is about were the story ends, and I'm not going to spoil the ending, but Robin runs into some trouble and let's just say, lets hope we see him next issue. 8.5 out of 10

Captain America #600:
Captain America has been dead for a year now and a lot has happened in that year. Issue #600 is filled with short stories that tell how people have dealt with the last year of their lives as well as hits on some conspiracy events as well. This issue was great. It was written in away that even if you weren't much of a Captain America fan you can still appreciate the comic and Steve Rogers as well. Some of the short stories do wane a little bit in the wordy realm, but overall it was a fun issue. 8 out of 10

Power Girl #2:
It was a good issue, plane and simple. This issue of Power Girl was a great example of a balance between comedy, background story, and action, which a lot of comics have a hard time doing. We see Power Girl trying to escape Ultra-Humanite and stop his plans of harming Manhattan. We learn about the Ultra-Humanite's less than pleasing life as well as how he came to be the way he is today. We also see how other heroes of the DC Universe are handling the situation with the citizens who have gone insane from the mist being produced. The story moved a little fast but it in the end it was for the better of the comic. 8 out of 10

It was a good week for comics!

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