Monday, July 13, 2009

Out Of My Short Box

This weeks short box list!

Wanted - Written By Mark Millar

Civil War - Written By Mark Millar

Superman Red Son - Written By Mark Millar

So you may have notice this weeks short box has a trend. Mark Millar is a fantastic writer to say the least. Wanted is one of his best known works about super-villians who killed off all the superheroes and are now just killing indiscriminately just for the sport of it. Eventually though, the book begins to take a turn and you see the villains turn on each other. It really is a great read.

Now a lot of you who read Marvel or comic books in general know about the Marve Civil War. Where a registration act headed by Tony Stark divides the world of heroes as we know it. The story is captivating and it gets very intense seeing two of the most predominate figures of any Avengers team going at it, Captain America and Iron Man.

And finally, Superman Red Son. Plain and simple it is a what if story. It's what if Superman landed in Soviet Russia instead of the United States? Trust me when I say this comic is amazing! Check them out!

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